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Welcome to the Winged Cobra Tribe (WiCoT)


Elite: Dangerous 3.0 will be released on

February 27th, 2018

Elite Dangerous 3.0 Beyond

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Not all members of the Winged Cobra Tribe are warriors or explorers. There are also children, shamans, elders, and others who have domestic roles.

With the newfound riches of the tribe, we are proud to announce the Tribal Housing Initiative. We have purchased an Orca, the Almora, and a Beluga Liner, the Casa Beneficio, to provide a more comfortable shelter to our brothers and sisters who are unable to fly their own ship.


Casa Beneficio

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I have been putting my new T10 Defender at good use by helping the Federation to transport Titanium and Superconductors to their shipyard near Klimuk Ring at Guaras B 1 e, where they are building a new Farragut class battle cruiser.

Farragut shipyard at Guaras B 1 e

The Feds were quite gratefull: they offered me to purchase some of their military ships at a 20% discount. After some haggling, they even let me have them at a 35% discount at Marshburn Station in Kadi.

So, we extended our fleet with the following ships:

Federal Dropship "The Tribalista"

Federal Drop Ship

Federal Drop Ship

Federal Assault Ship "The Infamous Fazzle"

Federal Assault Ship

Federal Assault Ship

And the Federal Gunship "The Tranquilizer"

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

The 3 new ships are assigned to escorting and protecting our tribal convoy.

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As we all know, the Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades sector. It is no secret that the Federation and the Empire consider the Thargoids as the most important threat to humanity, what is more of a secret however is that they have revived their INRA initiative under the name of AEGIS.

I am personally not so sure of the malicious intent of the Goids, as I have encountered them a couple of times and they have never attacked me. Perhaps they are nomads in this galaxy, in search for their home just like The Winged Cobra Tribe.

Anyway, the Alliance have now joined the efforts of the Federation and the Empire by constructing, in co-operation with Lakon, a brand new combat ship to fight the Thargoids: the Type 10 Defender. "Brand new" may be a bit of a stretch however, as it is based on the good old Type 9 Heavy frame.

Never to get a good opportunity get past, I immediately bought one of those new heavy fighters: The Harmony Of The Spheres.

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

The new ship will be used as an armoured transport vessel, and it also shows great promise as a miner.

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Due to the war in LTT 9455, a lot of refugees needed evacuated, and some brave but foolish aid workers needed to be brought in.

So, we have been transporting them between O'Leary Station in LTT 9455 and Smeaton Orbital in LTT 9360.

While we only did this out of a sense of duty and a humanitarian response, we caught the attention of some rich philantropes who have been rewarding us generously for our services. We ended up making so much money, that I achieved Trade Elite rank.

Promotion to Elite Trader

With the earnings, we managed to substantially expand our fleet.

The Cobra Mark IV M'as-tu-vu has two mining lasers and refineries for light industrial work. Three small beam lasers to fend of potential robbers have been added on top.

Cobra Mk. IV M'as-tu-vu

The Python Eat Violent Sitcoms is a formidable medium all-rounder.

Python Ear Violent Sitcoms

The Lakon Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice might be of great assistance to the Searchers of our tribe.

Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice

And ultimately, the Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet to cater to the Dreamers of the tribe.

Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet

With the money we have left after puchasing these ships, we intend to finally set up a solution for housing the members of the tribe who cannot affort their own ships. More about this later...

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During my investigations of the Thargoids in the Pleiades sector, I have been accepted into the Elite Federation of Pilots.

Thargoid Encounter

Promotion to Elite Explorer


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I just returned from visiting The Eye of Fire, Sagittarius A*, The Great Anihilator and Colonia with my trusted Cobra Mk. III "The Dancing Groigan".

Map of the Grand Tour to the centre of the Milky Way

The Eye of Fire (ZUNUAE IU-D D13-363):

Eye of Fire (ZUNUAE IU-D D13-363)

Sagittarius A*:

Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole

Along the way, I've seen many wonders. I have discovered some Earth Like worlds, many water worlds, planets with primitive life forms and a black hole.

Discovering an Earth Like World near Colonia

Black Hole

Black Hole

Ammonia World

Ringed Water World

Neutron Star


Cobra Mk. III The Dancing Groigan

Cmdr Old Boar in Cobra

With the money gained from the exploration data, I've bought a brand new Anaconda: the "Solace of the Void".



I'm now off to the Pleiades sector, I've heard some disturbing rumours about weird things going on over there...

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The Thargoids will return on

September 26th, 3303.

Elite: Dangerous 2.4

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What does a space pilot, sitting alone in the cockpit of his Cobra, lightyears away from all civilisation, floating in front of a remote star, waiting for the results of his scanner, do?


Using Logical Interpretation and Definitional Equivalence to compare Classical Kinematics and Special Relativity Theory


Well, he writes a PhD dissertation about theories on space and time, of course...

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Archimedes Zarch was staring at the numbers which were projected above his gold and ivory desk. Actually, he was staring through the numbers, as he knew very well what they meant: his fortune had been evaporated almost completely, due to the drop in prices of bauxite. What was worse than that, he had also lost his reputation by not being able to pay his depts to the Duval family in time. And his rivals were aware of that. So, damage control was in order.

Financially, he might survive. Once he could restore his reputation, he still had enough contacts in the Empire, especially his wife's family, to get through. That is, if she would not decide to leave him. And that was the problem. Well, one of his household slaves was. She was pregnant, and chances were quite high that Archimedes Zarch was the father of the child. It was the worst of times to have to deal with a bastard kid, so he had to act quickly.

A short firm knock on the door, Archimedes Zarch recognized the sound: only his trusted secretary could knock like that. He waved to the door, which opened with a barely audible hissing sound.

"Sir, mister Sharp has arrived."
"Send him in!"

A bony man, dressed in what was fashionable to wear over a spacesuit this season, entered the room. Mister Sharp was obviously sharp in everything.
"My dear Archimedes! What can I do for you today?"
"Ha, Sharp! I have some slaves to sell." Archimedes Zarch knew that Sharp liked to come to the point as early as possible, without much ado.
"You mean the tribal woman?" Sharp loved to immediately make clear that he was, as always, well informed. "She will be hard to sell. In her condition, she'll be more of a cost than an asset."

The tribal woman. Kayohko-Nq, or that was at least what he could make up from her incomprehensible language. She was not only beautiful, she was also wild. Or was that merely something in his imagination? No, she definitely had something savage about her. Something he had been unable to resist. Something which was a problem now.

"Well, it actually are two tribal women. Her sister is, let's say, undamaged. She is younger, early twenties, and strong. You'll get a high price for her."
"I see. Let me not waste your time, and talk money. I'll pay you 8000 credits for the younger one, provided she is indeed as you say. And you'll pay me 13000 to get rid of the other one."
"Hmmm... OK, but promise me you'll not just space her. Drop her somewhere outside of the Empire, sell her on some anarchy planet or whatever." Sharp might not, but Archimedes Zarch had morals: he just had to, now that his reputation had been damaged.
"Will do. Here, I brought a bottle of Teveriian Evil Juice along. 3265, an excellent year. Let's have a drink on the deal."



* Certificate of Birth * Riedquat Voluntary Population Registration Co-operative *

Date: 3255-02-05

Name: Old Boar (placeholder, to be changed at adoption)
Gender: Male
Weight: 3.18 kg

Father: unknown.
Mother: Kayohko-Nq (presumably, correct spelling unknown), deceased during or after giving birth, age: mid to late twenties, belonging to unknown tribe.

Place of Birth: Witchspace, jumping to Riedquat (hyperspace start point is not known), in a slave cargo container on board of Krait class spaceship "Old Boar", property of Cmdr Michelangelo Sharp (Empire citizen, fugitive).

Other relatives: Loimnau (presumably), aunt, speaking unknown tribal language, sold as slave on black market to unidentified party.

Declared and witnessed by: Riedquat Spaceport, sub-controller Ellen Tokawa and ship loading worker James E. Röhe.

Issued by: T. L. Lintman, Riedquat Voluntary Population Registration Co-operative.

[Signatures: T. I. Lindermann, Ellen Tokawa, J. Eric Rôhe]

[Seal of which authenticity cannot be determined]

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Frontier Developments have announced that

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

will land on

December 15th 2015

Video by CMDR Darius Torkalar of Na'Ama Wing

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Elite: Dangerous 1.5 Beta released

Mainly containing new ships. Patch notes.

ELITE's brand new Q Ship: Lakon's Keelback is a better armed version of the Type 6 Transporter, and it has a fighter bay.

A transponder which make it looks like a T-6 on the radar and a seat for a second pilot would be nice tho.

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One of our Elders received a message concerning a group of tribe brothers and sisters living as slaves under the most dire circumstances in the Empire. So I set out to the very heart of the Empire to investigate.

Since my Cobra Dancing Groigan is a highly prolific ship which is well known to Imperial security agents, I stowed it at Shinrarta Dezhra and journeyed on using an unmarked Viper.


To further obscure my trail, I sold the viper for scrap at Lyulka Beacon, where my contacts had arranged an Imperial Eagle waiting for me. With this ship, I can safely move through Empire space without attracting much attention.


I cruised to Achenar, the Imperial capital, withour being noticed. Posing as a historian I consulted the slave trade archives and discovered that this particular group of slaves was once owned by patron Archimedes Zarch, who was forced to illegally sell all his tribal slaves to a party outside of the Empire in order to avoid bankruptcy. There is something fishy about thism why would he take the risk to sell them on the black market, rather than just selling them on the open Imperial market? Some of the documents at the archives were heavily redacted and censored. What was even more worrying is that when trying access a copy of a particular form, the archivist said that he had to report all requests for that document to the Counter-intelligence Office. Fortunately, corruption as always runs wild in the Empire, and I could bribe the archivist to delay reporting until after I had left the system.

Anyway, I have found a lead, which will bring me to (of all places!) Riedquat.

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We regret to inform you that the Komodo Collective has been dissolved.


We today received a message from Commander Fremen stating that The Relentless has closed their forum.

The Relentless was one of the earliest player organizations in the galaxy, and during the Beta & Gamma phases it was one of the largest & most active among Elite: Dangerous player groups.

Some former Relentless members have now joined the Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla and other pirate groups.


We also received a message from Commander Blatant informing us that the Galactic Intelligence Agency has been dismantled, some former agents of the GIA now work as private contractors:

"On December 16th 3300 the GIA was commissioned to carry out discreet assassinations of key targets, thought to be moles in the federation. I'm sure you've got the jist from the Galnet archives but what I want to tell you is we were set up! We in fact carried out assassination's for a Empirical mole's, needlessly ending the careers of many key federal government figures. Worse still this turned out to be a devious plot to steal a large amount of Federal assets and information.

The moles promptly disappeared and left us in the firing line, not knowing we had been set up Federal Security turned on the GIA and much blood and hydrogen fuel was spilt across the galaxy, many GIA members where killed, some where arrested and imprisoned without trial. I myself and my loyal-est directors were held to a secret military trial on Sol. The trial was a sham, no evidence, no witnesses, they literally, LITERALLY bagged as, threw us in a hauler and shipped us to some anarchic prison colony (I once heard someone call it Rura Penthe, but to this day I have no idea where we ended up).

Fortunately, as our government handlers were all moles and had promptly disappeared no one knew just how 'resourceful' we could be. We made a daring escape and promptly disappeared into deepest space (we're currently somewhere on the HIP 80364 side of the galactic centre). where we've been hiding out ever since (helped by some supply of Indi Bourbon I happen to have). We have since discovered we still have friends out there, and most surprisingly we have reconciled with some of our former adversaries, united by a common enemy. Our exploits during the height of the GIA have not gone un-noticed either, and we have contented ourselves fighting the bigger evil of the galaxy and helping those who need it."


The Winged Cobra Tribe and the Na'Ama Wing both remain active as independent organizations.

Former members of The Relentless and the GIA who want to stay in touch are kindly invited to register at the Winged Cobra Tribe forum.


We had a lot of fun together and we hope to meet you again in the galaxy.


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Elite: Dangerous is, besides on Frontier's own store,

now also available on Steam and on XBox One.



Petition to have a port of Elite: Dangerous on Linux:


EDIT: Elite: Dangerous is now also available on Playstation 4.

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Cmdr Fremen of The Relentless wins Big Bounty Battle 2



Cmdr Fremen had a bounty of over 2.1 million credits on his head.

Nobody managed to kill him during the event.



The bounty was finally claimed by the mysterious Cmdr Yuri Takanawa:



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Video where Chief Old Boar is still hunting Cmdr Fremen, but barely makes it out alive.


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I was hunting for Relentless pirates at Ross 490, but Cmdr Fremen ambushed me, forced me to flee and sent this video to taunt us:

Fremen currently has a bounty on his head of 2 million credits, and he is currently trying to max it out at Ross 390. Other pirates of the Relentless with similar bounties may hang around at the navigation beacon or the extraction fields of the same system.

We continue to hunt them.

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Blue Orchid Network joins the Komodo Collective

Smugglers, Bootleggers, Free Booters, Claim Jumpers, and Blockade Runners


The Blue Orchid Network was created to add stability and support to the otherwise support-less job of running contraband, illegal mining, illegal salvage, and economic crimes in general. Started by Commander Marik Alhazred, the Blue Orchid Network works closely with pirates, mercenaries, and other Commanders in similar fields, to create a spider web of support across the system. The Network recruits Commanders that prefer to stick to trade and economics, and security is handled by mercenaries and pirates for hire. They primarily offer their services as "smugglers-for-hire." Supplying pirates, and bandits with ample cargo space, and an even cut of the profits.

They are usually hanging out at the Sapphire Lotus in Wohler Terminal, Kremainn.


Blue Orchid Network Digital Embassy to the Winged Cobra Tribe

Blue Orchid Network thread on The Relentless Forum

Komodo Collective on FDEV Forum

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Winged Cobra Tribe is proud to announce it is among the founders of
The Komodo Collective
of Elite: Dangerous player groups

The Komodo Collective is an association of smaller player groups in order to share their resources, to present more choices to their members, and to stand up as a union to the public.

The Komodo Collective is not an alliance, some of its member organizations are hostile towards each other.

We have a shared Mumble voice chat server with dedicated channels for our member orgs:
Address: (Edit: removed)
Port: (Edit: removed)

List of Komodo Collective founders:

Na'Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration & Logistics

The Relentless - Villains of the Elite: Dangerous Universe

Galactic Intelligence Agency: Federal Covert Security

Winged Cobra Tribe: spacefaring PvP role playing nomads

Other player groups are kindly invited to contact us if they are interested to join the Komodo Collective.
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The Winged Cobra Tribe and the Elite Palawa Tribe have founded the



Tribal Alliance


Elite Palawa Tribe


We are brothers and sisters.

We will support each other in every possible way.

Enemies of any member of the Tribal Alliance are enemies to the whole alliance.


Sworn and signed by:

 Shaman Hominin of the Elite Palawa Tribe Chief Old Boar of the Winged Cobra Tribe Chief Old Boar



Other tribal and nomadic groups or clans are invited to contact us to join forces.

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"Netcode Frenzy", also called the "Peace Summit" and "Farewell Beta" on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 November 3300.


How many ships can we get into one players instance? And how many fit in a space station's letterbox?


Let's be good Beta Testers for one last time and give that "additional telemetry to investigate some network issues" which was added in Beta 3.05 something to chew on!


All are welcome. No PvP, except for mutually consensual dueling. This is an OoC event, but RP is allowed.

In co-operation with the Galactic Intelligence Agency and The Relentless.


Announcement on FDEV Forum

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Frontier Developments have announced that

Elite: Dangerous

(a.k.a. ELITE IV, for which we have been waiting since the late 20th century)

will be released on

December 16th 2014

On November 22nd, the Beta phase will end and we will go into "Pre-Release Preview" (formerly known as "Gamma").

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The Eye of the Cobra
Operation: Asteroid Ambush



GIA & WiCoT: 2

The Relentless: 1


On Saturday the space weather was too rough to risk the exchange of The Eye of the Cobra against the bio-weapons for the Galactic Intelligence Agency.

On Sunday, the flux was less devastating, and we met with GIA between the asteroids near Beagle 2. To our surprize, we got ambushed by The Relentless.

In the first round, Cmdr Fremen rammed into Cmdr Old Boar and got killed instantly, and Cmdr Blatant has demolished the cannister with the virus, but Cmdr Old Boar did manage to pick up the Eye of the Cobra and get away with it.

On the second run Cmdr Fremen would have been killed if Cmdr Blatant didn't stop shooting, and the exchange between GIA and WiCoT went well.

In the last round the Eye of the Cobra was lost, but Cmdr Blatant did pick up the container with the lethal virus. Cmdr Fremen managed to make him flee though, and then started to attack Cmdr Old Boar. Cmdr Fremen stopped shooting Cmdr Old Boar when he had 9% hull. Cmdr Blatant then returned and killed Cmdr Fremen.

The efforts of the Na'Ama Wing to join us have been noted and appreciated. Unfortunately, due to technical problems outside their control & responsability in combination with the above mentioned space weather, they were unable to reach us. We communicated through the event, and we hope to fly together soon.

Thanks to all who participated in the event or in the preparation of it: Cmdr Blatant, Cmdr Fremen, Cmdr Musashi, Cmdr Xizor, Cmdr Darius Torkalar & Cmdr Malcolm Washburne and everybody who participated in the different forum discussions (where we got very valuable input).

 (( On "space weather", "flux" & technical problems: The event was fun, but also frustrating.
Goodbye, Beta 2: you will be remembered as the most beautiful bag of bugs I have ever seen. ))
Pictures of the event have been posted at the Forum.

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We have a new theme: "Blue Grid".

The change of theme may have some side effects on the Wicotee Website, you are welcome to log any inconveniences at the Forum Support Thread.


The Mumble Voice Chat has been integrated into the Website. (Edit: This was undone when we migrated from our own Mumble server to Komodo's Collective server.) Mumble support is available at the Forum.


It is now also possible to Display your videos in your profile through Youtube Connect, available in the Social Media Console.


Thanks to Leo of Bluethrust Clan Scripts for excellent support!

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Roleplaying PvP Event

with The Relentless

and the Galactic Intelligence Agency

 The Eye of the Cobra

Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 October 3300


The Galactic Intelligence Agency (GIA) seems to have found our long lost artifact "The Eye of the Cobra".

We are organizing an exchange at a quiet spot in deep space: we get the Eye of the Cobra in exchange for bio weapons we stumbled upon.

We however have to be careful: pirates may be interested in both the artifact and the weapons.

So, keep this exchange top secret, we would not want anything to go wrong!

To The Relentless, this event is known as "Operation: Asteroid Ambush"

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The Winged Cobra Tribe was contacted by the Galactic Intelligence Agency to help them hunt The Relentless, an infamous gang of pirates. Since we will need friends in our war against the Empire, we have accepted to help the Feds in this matter.

On September 27th 3300, the tribe was hunting for the pirates, but they kept evading us.

On September 28th 3300, we finally intercepted them at LP 98-132. The pirates however managed to chase us away, and Old Boar's Cobra was destroyed by the relentless Cmdr Fremen.

We however have a distinct feeling that we will meet those villains again.

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The "Winged Cobra Tribe" [WiCoT - pronounced as "Wi-koh-tee"] is a roleplaying PvP nomadic spacefaring tribe.


We welcome mature role players as members of the tribe. We have a Mumble server for team chat.


We take gaming seriously, however we do understand that other things may have priority over playing Elite: Dangerous. We have a slogan to express that: "Real Life First." Our players decide themselves how much or how little they can or want to play.


While we are hostile to the Empire, pirates and slave traders in-character, we fully appreciate the players behind them, as they make the game more interesting. If you consider us a foe, feel free to attack us - or to invite us for scheduled fighting events.


We are friendly or neutral to all others. We are no griefers: if you don't want to participate to PvP, just tell us.


Ambassadors of friendly or hostile groups/organizations/guilds/tribes/fleets are kindly invited to contact us.


Interested to join us? You can apply here.


When we meet in-game, we would appreciate it very much if you communicate to us in-character as a spaceship commander - you will probably enjoy it.

We of course cannot enforce this, just know that we will be roleplaying the encounter at our side.

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