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Con 1. Real Life First. Our members play as much or as little as they want.

Con 2. Role Playing: All communications happens in-character, except in dedicated OoC channels.



PvP Rules of Engagement:


RoE 1. We will always defend ourselves and those we fly with. Retreating is a valid defensive tactic, so is fighting back. It does not matter who is attacking, this rule always applies. If a conflict starts because our side has broken our RoE, try to disengage from the fight and let an Elder of the Tribe contact the other party through diplomatic channels.

RoE 2. No griefing. We do not attack commanders for the fun of it.

RoE 3. No attacking of friends and allies, even if there is a bounty on their head. The exceptions to this rule are training fights with mutual consent and tournaments. If you are attacked by a member of a friendly or allied group: take a screenshot and report the incident to an Elder who will resolve the issue through diplomatic channels.

RoE 4. No attacking of neutrals.

RoE 5. Attacking of Empire officials, pirates, slave traders and griefers is encouraged.

RoE 6. We are, as a tribe, no PvP bounty hunters. Of course, you can play a tribal who is a bounty hunter. Please, do not attack commanders who have a bounty for smugling, loitering or other minor crimes. Bounty hunting on imperials, pirates, griefers and NPCs is fine. Also avoid killing commanders who have a bounty issued by the Empire: we will need friends among the enemies of the Empire.

RoE 7. Respect the players who are hostile to us: taunt and kill their commanders! We are playing this game together.





Var 3. Only Elders, the Chief and the War Chief can represent the Winged Cobra Tribe to outsiders, including on FDEV Forums.

Var 3-bis. All members are allowed to post on other forums (including FDEV) and to participate at other in-game groups in-character as Wicotees speaking in their own names.

Var 11. When flying with an allied tribe (at this point we are only allied to the Elite Palawa), abide by the rules of that tribe.

Var 32. Tribe members are allowed to join other alliances, as long as they are not hostile to the Winged Cobra Tribe and as long their behaviour there is not in conflict with the rules of the Winged Cobra Tribe. They can also join any private group - by the definition of "private" it is no business of the tribe what they do there.

Var 73. All times are in UTC, which is the same as GMT. So that everything is in sync with the in-game time and we do not have confusion between timezones. When communicating with players in specific timezones, it is OK to also mention the local times in addition to UTC. By the way: the year 2014 is 3300.

Var 9999. Consult an Elder if you are unsure about the application of the rules.


Apart from the above player rules, devised to result in an interesting and fun RP PvP experience, there will be several customs, traditions, rituals and taboos for the tribe and its characters. These will be developed in interaction with the players while role playing to provide RP themes.

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