Wednesday, May 23, 3304


 "After the Great Fire,

some of us became Dreamers,

others became Searchers,

but this never divided us,

because all Wicotees are Warriors.


Violently cast into space,

we became One with the Void,

walking Both Paths to Justice.


Now, launch!

and keep the Winged Cobra flying."


Chief Dancing Groigan (3197-3299)

at the 300rd "Last Sunrise" Ritual in 3270.




The "Winged Cobra Tribe" is a (( Role Playing PvP )) nomadic spacefaring tribe (( in the Elite: Dangerous Universe )).

One can encounter the brothers and sisters of our tribe all over the Galaxy.

The tribe was founded in 2390, when the planet Wadjet was colononized by refugees from Earth and Mars.

In 2970, the sun around which Wadjet orbited went supernova. The "Wicotees" (after our WiCoT call sign) had by then moved into a nomadic spacefaring lifestyle, mainly because it was impossible to find a new planet to colonize as Wadjet was surrounded by Empire space.

Members of our tribe can be found in all kinds of professions, such as explorer, miner, transporter, escort or bounty hunter (and most often a mix of some among those).

Many tribals were turned into slaves by The Empire. As a result of this, Wicotees are hostile to The Empire and slave traders. We consider ourselves to be at war with The Empire, and will release slaves whenever the opportunity arises. Imperial propaganda may try to paint a picture of us as pirates and griefers, but that is most unfair: we are hostile to pirates and griefers.

Pirates have tried to prey on us for centuries. We hunt them, except in Imperial systems.

From time to time, we have encountered the mad and sadistic psychopaths called griefers. We despise them, kill them and spit on their remains.

In Alliance, Federal independent or neutral space, we are law-abiding (respectively: allied law, federal law, local law and for unchartered space our own nomadic laws which are based on our code of honour).

Anybody who is friendly to us will discover very soon that we are fair and loyal friends who appreciate honour and honesty. We are famous for our hospitality, and often accept non-tribals among our ranks.

Young tribals who reach maturity, as well as outsiders who want to join the Winged Cobra Tribe, are called "wyrmlings". They go through a series of initiations and trials to become full members of the tribe.

The tribe is governed by a Council of Elders, who are selected on their wisdom, courage, sense of justice and diplomatic flair. The Elders take decisions by concensus, even if this means that an Elder Council meeting can last several days. They appoint among them a Chief who presides over the Elder Council as a primus inter pares and leads the tribe between meetings of the Elders Council. The Chief has the authority to take decisions inside the policy lines set out by the Elder Council.

In times of conflict, the Elders appoint a War Chief. Any Wicotee, with the exception of wyrmlings, can become War Chief for a limited period of time. A good War Chief needs strategical and tactical insight, as well as a clear command style. Being a successful War Chief is one of the ways for tribals to gain the respect to be elevated to the rank of Elder.

Our commanders are free to fly any vessel they want. We do not restrict ourselves to the Cobra in any way. The Cobra Mk.1 went in production in 2855, which is long after the foundation of the tribe - it would be a mistake to think that the tribe is named after the spaceship.

Currently, the tribe is dispersed over the galaxy on different missions.

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