Saturday, March 17, 3304


Diplomacy Information
Clan Name: (The Empire)
Date Added: Tue Sep 30, 3300 4:31 pm
Leader(s): (Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval)
Clan Tag: Empire
Clan Size: large
Skill Level:
Games Played:
Extra Info: The Empire was founded circa 2314 by emperor Henson Duval. It is infamous for the use of slaves and cloning technology.

The home world of the Empire is Achenar 6d, which was sterilized extinguishing a native sentient alien population in the process. Although a peace treaty has existed between the Empire and the Federation since 2382, there have never really been any peaceful relations between these two old enemies.

Since Hengist Duval died in 3301, Arissa Lavigny-Duval became Emperor of the Empire. This has not led to any changes in politics between the Empire and the tribes of the Tribal Alliance, which remain hostile.

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