Saturday, March 17, 3304


Diplomacy Information
Clan Name: Elite Palawa Tribe
Date Added: Wed Oct 1, 3300 6:27 am
Leader(s): Cmdr Hominin
Clan Tag: EPW
Clan Size: small
Skill Level:
Games Played: Elite Dangerous
Extra Info: The Elite Palawa are a reclusive tribe, roaming the Frontier and going to places where nobody else goes - it is even not clear wether those can still be called "places"...

Shaman Hominin is rumored to be the last remnant of Achenar 6d natives. He has disapeared for a long time of seclusion among uninhabited worlds out in the Milky Way and has not been seen for almost a year.

The Elite Palawa are very spiritual and hermetic; while the Winged Cobra Tribe are a more mundane and warrior kind of tribe and interested in the politics of the role they play among the galactic community. Both tribe have a historical amicable connection and we have come to consider each other as brothers and sisters.

Elite Palawa and Winged Cobra Tribe Are united in the Tribal Alliance. Members of both tribes are welcome to fly with each other as if it was their own tribes (the rules of the tribe one flies with at the moment apply).

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