Saturday, March 17, 3304


Diplomacy Information
Clan Name: Blue Orchid Network
Date Added: Fri Oct 31, 3300 7:47 pm
Leader(s): Cmdr Alhazred
Clan Tag:
Clan Size: small
Skill Level:
Games Played: Elite: Dangerous
Extra Info: The Blue Orchid Network is a sort of ad hoc informal corporation, created to add stability and support to the otherwise support-less job of running contraband, illegal mining, illegal salvage, and economic crimes in general. Started by Commander Marik Alhazred, the Blue Orchid Network works closely with pirates, mercenaries, and other Commanders in similar fields, to create a spider web of support across the system. The Network recruits Commanders that prefer to stick to trade and economics, and security is handled by mercenaries and pirates for hire. They primarily offer their services as "smugglers-for-hire." Supplying pirates, and bandits with ample cargo space, and an even cut of the profits.

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