Saturday, March 17, 3304


Diplomacy Information
Clan Name: (The Federation)
Date Added: Tue Sep 30, 3300 4:32 pm
Leader(s): (elected president)
Clan Tag: Federation
Clan Size: large
Skill Level:
Games Played: Elite: Dangerous
Extra Info: The Federation is one of the three major powers in the universe, along with the Empire and the Alliance, and is the oldest. Earth (Sol), being the birthplace of human kind, is the historic capital of the Federation and regarded as the centre of the universe. Which is not that inaccurate when the Federation loosely lies between the Alliance and the Empire on the galactic map. The relationship between the Federation and the Alliance is one of toleration. The relationship between the Federation and the Empire is one of deep hostility. The Federation is highly dependent on technology and is home to many huge and wealthy corporations. In the period of rebuilding after the end of World War 3 on Earth (circa 2044-2055AD) it was the corporations who became powerful and dominant. In modern times it is the corporations who are the life-blood and backbone of the Federation. It is rumoured that these corporations have such influence and power that they can even direct the Federal government

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