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Posted on Thu Dec 25, 3300 1:22 pm

Blue Orchid Network Digital Embassy

For the Winged Cobra Tribe


Greetings Winged Cobra Tribe!  I am Alhazred, your contact for the Blue Orchid Network.  I am very pleased to be doing business with your family in the coming months, and if all goes well, the coming years.  If you wish to do business with us, or are in need of less than legal services, this is where you can find us.  Our numbers may be small, but we are discrete, and I only welcome skilled pilots into our ranks.  If you need things smuggled, in or out of someplace, contact us.  If you need some industrialist's mining claim to dry up overnight, you contact us.  If you need contraband, of any kind, or you just need someone with cargo space to haul for you, please do not be afraid to come to us.  Economics are our forte.  Even though we tend to shy on the side not within the law, we are not violent by nature.  Our power comes from our wealth, and if there are credits to be made, we will be interested I assure you.

If you feel your business need not be visible to your entire tribe, then by all means send me a personal message.  

We also deal in information.  Many of my men, and myself, are afiliated with other organizations, and some aren't very tight lipped with intel.  If you're looking for specific information about a certain group, I'll happily divulge what I know.  Call it a favor for a favor.

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Old Boar
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Posted on Thu Dec 25, 3300 8:35 pm

Greetings Ambassador Alhazred,

Welcome to the tribe!

Thank you for your eloquent introduction message.

I am certain we might find ourselves in circumstances when knowing some organization like your might be... well, helpful. At some times we might even have mutual interests (especially if it is at the expense of The Empire).

We do not consider smuggling as being a crime. Many things which are considered "economic crimes" in some parts of the galaxy are not considered unethical by us. We do hope you don't indulge in slave trade, because in that case you may find an enemy in the Wicotees.

Our tribe considers itself neutral towards the Blue Orchid Network. If we do some joint operations together we might become friends. Or we might find each other in hostile situations. Our council of elders will decide on any changes in diplomacy status if the need arises.

* I'm friendly to everybody, except to my enemies: to them I am merely polite *

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