Tuesday, January 16, 3304


Not all members of the Winged Cobra Tribe are warriors or explorers. There are also children, shamans, elders, and others who have domestic roles.

With the newfound riches of the tribe, we are proud to announce the Tribal Housing Initiative. We have purchased an Orca, the Almora, and a Beluga Liner, the Casa Beneficio, to provide a more comfortable shelter to our brothers and sisters who are unable to fly their own ship.


Casa Beneficio

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I have been putting my new T10 Defender at good use by helping the Federation to transport Titanium and Superconductors to their shipyard near Klimuk Ring at Guaras B 1 e, where they are building a new Farragut class battle cruiser.

Farragut shipyard at Guaras B 1 e

The Feds were quite gratefull: they offered me to purchase some of their military ships at a 20% discount. After some haggling, they even let me have them at a 35% discount at Marshburn Station in Kadi.

So, we extended our fleet with the following ships:

Federal Dropship "The Tribalista"

Federal Drop Ship

Federal Drop Ship

Federal Assault Ship "The Infamous Fazzle"

Federal Assault Ship

Federal Assault Ship

And the Federal Gunship "The Tranquilizer"

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

Federal Gun Ship

The 3 new ships are assigned to escorting and protecting our tribal convoy.

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As we all know, the Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades sector. It is no secret that the Federation and the Empire consider the Thargoids as the most important threat to humanity, what is more of a secret however is that they have revived their INRA initiative under the name of AEGIS.

I am personally not so sure of the malicious intent of the Goids, as I have encountered them a couple of times and they have never attacked me. Perhaps they are nomads in this galaxy, in search for their home just like The Winged Cobra Tribe.

Anyway, the Alliance have now joined the efforts of the Federation and the Empire by constructing, in co-operation with Lakon, a brand new combat ship to fight the Thargoids: the Type 10 Defender. "Brand new" may be a bit of a stretch however, as it is based on the good old Type 9 Heavy frame.

Never to get a good opportunity get past, I immediately bought one of those new heavy fighters: The Harmony Of The Spheres.

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

Type 10 Defender

The new ship will be used as an armoured transport vessel, and it also shows great promise as a miner.

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Due to the war in LTT 9455, a lot of refugees needed evacuated, and some brave but foolish aid workers needed to be brought in.

So, we have been transporting them between O'Leary Station in LTT 9455 and Smeaton Orbital in LTT 9360.

While we only did this out of a sense of duty and a humanitarian response, we caught the attention of some rich philantropes who have been rewarding us generously for our services. We ended up making so much money, that I achieved Trade Elite rank.

Promotion to Elite Trader

With the earnings, we managed to substantially expand our fleet.

The Cobra Mark IV M'as-tu-vu has two mining lasers and refineries for light industrial work. Three small beam lasers to fend of potential robbers have been added on top.

Cobra Mk. IV M'as-tu-vu

The Python Eat Violent Sitcoms is a formidable medium all-rounder.

Python Ear Violent Sitcoms

The Lakon Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice might be of great assistance to the Searchers of our tribe.

Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice

And ultimately, the Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet to cater to the Dreamers of the tribe.

Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet

With the money we have left after puchasing these ships, we intend to finally set up a solution for housing the members of the tribe who cannot affort their own ships. More about this later...

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During my investigations of the Thargoids in the Pleiades sector, I have been accepted into the Elite Federation of Pilots.

Thargoid Encounter

Promotion to Elite Explorer


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I just returned from visiting The Eye of Fire, Sagittarius A*, The Great Anihilator and Colonia with my trusted Cobra Mk. III "The Dancing Groigan".

Map of the Grand Tour to the centre of the Milky Way

The Eye of Fire (ZUNUAE IU-D D13-363):

Eye of Fire (ZUNUAE IU-D D13-363)

Sagittarius A*:

Sagittarius A* supermassive black hole

Along the way, I've seen many wonders. I have discovered some Earth Like worlds, many water worlds, planets with primitive life forms and a black hole.

Discovering an Earth Like World near Colonia

Black Hole

Black Hole

Ammonia World

Ringed Water World

Neutron Star


Cobra Mk. III The Dancing Groigan

Cmdr Old Boar in Cobra

With the money gained from the exploration data, I've bought a brand new Anaconda: the "Solace of the Void".



I'm now off to the Pleiades sector, I've heard some disturbing rumours about weird things going on over there...

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The Thargoids will return on

September 26th, 3303.

Elite: Dangerous 2.4

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What does a space pilot, sitting alone in the cockpit of his Cobra, lightyears away from all civilisation, floating in front of a remote star, waiting for the results of his scanner, do?


Using Logical Interpretation and Definitional Equivalence to compare Classical Kinematics and Special Relativity Theory


Well, he writes a PhD dissertation about theories on space and time, of course...

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Archimedes Zarch was staring at the numbers which were projected above his gold and ivory desk. Actually, he was staring through the numbers, as he knew very well what they meant: his fortune had been evaporated almost completely, due to the drop in prices of bauxite. What was worse than that, he had also lost his reputation by not being able to pay his depts to the Duval family in time. And his rivals were aware of that. So, damage control was in order.

Financially, he might survive. Once he could restore his reputation, he still had enough contacts in the Empire, especially his wife's family, to get through. That is, if she would not decide to leave him. And that was the problem. Well, one of his household slaves was. She was pregnant, and chances were quite high that Archimedes Zarch was the father of the child. It was the worst of times to have to deal with a bastard kid, so he had to act quickly.

A short firm knock on the door, Archimedes Zarch recognized the sound: only his trusted secretary could knock like that. He waved to the door, which opened with a barely audible hissing sound.

"Sir, mister Sharp has arrived."
"Send him in!"

A bony man, dressed in what was fashionable to wear over a spacesuit this season, entered the room. Mister Sharp was obviously sharp in everything.
"My dear Archimedes! What can I do for you today?"
"Ha, Sharp! I have some slaves to sell." Archimedes Zarch knew that Sharp liked to come to the point as early as possible, without much ado.
"You mean the tribal woman?" Sharp loved to immediately make clear that he was, as always, well informed. "She will be hard to sell. In her condition, she'll be more of a cost than an asset."

The tribal woman. Kayohko-Nq, or that was at least what he could make up from her incomprehensible language. She was not only beautiful, she was also wild. Or was that merely something in his imagination? No, she definitely had something savage about her. Something he had been unable to resist. Something which was a problem now.

"Well, it actually are two tribal women. Her sister is, let's say, undamaged. She is younger, early twenties, and strong. You'll get a high price for her."
"I see. Let me not waste your time, and talk money. I'll pay you 8000 credits for the younger one, provided she is indeed as you say. And you'll pay me 13000 to get rid of the other one."
"Hmmm... OK, but promise me you'll not just space her. Drop her somewhere outside of the Empire, sell her on some anarchy planet or whatever." Sharp might not, but Archimedes Zarch had morals: he just had to, now that his reputation had been damaged.
"Will do. Here, I brought a bottle of Teveriian Evil Juice along. 3265, an excellent year. Let's have a drink on the deal."



* Certificate of Birth * Riedquat Voluntary Population Registration Co-operative *

Date: 3255-02-05

Name: Old Boar (placeholder, to be changed at adoption)
Gender: Male
Weight: 3.18 kg

Father: unknown.
Mother: Kayohko-Nq (presumably, correct spelling unknown), deceased during or after giving birth, age: mid to late twenties, belonging to unknown tribe.

Place of Birth: Witchspace, jumping to Riedquat (hyperspace start point is not known), in a slave cargo container on board of Krait class spaceship "Old Boar", property of Cmdr Michelangelo Sharp (Empire citizen, fugitive).

Other relatives: Loimnau (presumably), aunt, speaking unknown tribal language, sold as slave on black market to unidentified party.

Declared and witnessed by: Riedquat Spaceport, sub-controller Ellen Tokawa and ship loading worker James E. Röhe.

Issued by: T. L. Lintman, Riedquat Voluntary Population Registration Co-operative.

[Signatures: T. I. Lindermann, Ellen Tokawa, J. Eric Rôhe]

[Seal of which authenticity cannot be determined]

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Frontier Developments have announced that

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

will land on

December 15th 2015

Video by CMDR Darius Torkalar of Na'Ama Wing

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