Monday, April 23, 3304


We regret to inform you that the Komodo Collective has been dissolved.


We today received a message from Commander Fremen stating that The Relentless has closed their forum.

The Relentless was one of the earliest player organizations in the galaxy, and during the Beta & Gamma phases it was one of the largest & most active among Elite: Dangerous player groups.

Some former Relentless members have now joined the Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla and other pirate groups.


We also received a message from Commander Blatant informing us that the Galactic Intelligence Agency has been dismantled, some former agents of the GIA now work as private contractors:

"On December 16th 3300 the GIA was commissioned to carry out discreet assassinations of key targets, thought to be moles in the federation. I'm sure you've got the jist from the Galnet archives but what I want to tell you is we were set up! We in fact carried out assassination's for a Empirical mole's, needlessly ending the careers of many key federal government figures. Worse still this turned out to be a devious plot to steal a large amount of Federal assets and information.

The moles promptly disappeared and left us in the firing line, not knowing we had been set up Federal Security turned on the GIA and much blood and hydrogen fuel was spilt across the galaxy, many GIA members where killed, some where arrested and imprisoned without trial. I myself and my loyal-est directors were held to a secret military trial on Sol. The trial was a sham, no evidence, no witnesses, they literally, LITERALLY bagged as, threw us in a hauler and shipped us to some anarchic prison colony (I once heard someone call it Rura Penthe, but to this day I have no idea where we ended up).

Fortunately, as our government handlers were all moles and had promptly disappeared no one knew just how 'resourceful' we could be. We made a daring escape and promptly disappeared into deepest space (we're currently somewhere on the HIP 80364 side of the galactic centre). where we've been hiding out ever since (helped by some supply of Indi Bourbon I happen to have). We have since discovered we still have friends out there, and most surprisingly we have reconciled with some of our former adversaries, united by a common enemy. Our exploits during the height of the GIA have not gone un-noticed either, and we have contented ourselves fighting the bigger evil of the galaxy and helping those who need it."


The Winged Cobra Tribe and the Na'Ama Wing both remain active as independent organizations.

Former members of The Relentless and the GIA who want to stay in touch are kindly invited to register at the Winged Cobra Tribe forum.


We had a lot of fun together and we hope to meet you again in the galaxy.


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