Saturday, March 17, 3304


One of our Elders received a message concerning a group of tribe brothers and sisters living as slaves under the most dire circumstances in the Empire. So I set out to the very heart of the Empire to investigate.

Since my Cobra Dancing Groigan is a highly prolific ship which is well known to Imperial security agents, I stowed it at Shinrarta Dezhra and journeyed on using an unmarked Viper.


To further obscure my trail, I sold the viper for scrap at Lyulka Beacon, where my contacts had arranged an Imperial Eagle waiting for me. With this ship, I can safely move through Empire space without attracting much attention.


I cruised to Achenar, the Imperial capital, withour being noticed. Posing as a historian I consulted the slave trade archives and discovered that this particular group of slaves was once owned by patron Archimedes Zarch, who was forced to illegally sell all his tribal slaves to a party outside of the Empire in order to avoid bankruptcy. There is something fishy about thism why would he take the risk to sell them on the black market, rather than just selling them on the open Imperial market? Some of the documents at the archives were heavily redacted and censored. What was even more worrying is that when trying access a copy of a particular form, the archivist said that he had to report all requests for that document to the Counter-intelligence Office. Fortunately, corruption as always runs wild in the Empire, and I could bribe the archivist to delay reporting until after I had left the system.

Anyway, I have found a lead, which will bring me to (of all places!) Riedquat.

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