Saturday, March 17, 3304


Due to the war in LTT 9455, a lot of refugees needed evacuated, and some brave but foolish aid workers needed to be brought in.

So, we have been transporting them between O'Leary Station in LTT 9455 and Smeaton Orbital in LTT 9360.

While we only did this out of a sense of duty and a humanitarian response, we caught the attention of some rich philantropes who have been rewarding us generously for our services. We ended up making so much money, that I achieved Trade Elite rank.

Promotion to Elite Trader

With the earnings, we managed to substantially expand our fleet.

The Cobra Mark IV M'as-tu-vu has two mining lasers and refineries for light industrial work. Three small beam lasers to fend of potential robbers have been added on top.

Cobra Mk. IV M'as-tu-vu

The Python Eat Violent Sitcoms is a formidable medium all-rounder.

Python Ear Violent Sitcoms

The Lakon Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice might be of great assistance to the Searchers of our tribe.

Asp Explorer The Boolean Lattice

And ultimately, the Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet to cater to the Dreamers of the tribe.

Fer-De-Lance Remember Wadjet

With the money we have left after puchasing these ships, we intend to finally set up a solution for housing the members of the tribe who cannot affort their own ships. More about this later...

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