Tuesday, February 20, 3304


The Eye of the Cobra
Operation: Asteroid Ambush



GIA & WiCoT: 2

The Relentless: 1


On Saturday the space weather was too rough to risk the exchange of The Eye of the Cobra against the bio-weapons for the Galactic Intelligence Agency.

On Sunday, the flux was less devastating, and we met with GIA between the asteroids near Beagle 2. To our surprize, we got ambushed by The Relentless.

In the first round, Cmdr Fremen rammed into Cmdr Old Boar and got killed instantly, and Cmdr Blatant has demolished the cannister with the virus, but Cmdr Old Boar did manage to pick up the Eye of the Cobra and get away with it.

On the second run Cmdr Fremen would have been killed if Cmdr Blatant didn't stop shooting, and the exchange between GIA and WiCoT went well.

In the last round the Eye of the Cobra was lost, but Cmdr Blatant did pick up the container with the lethal virus. Cmdr Fremen managed to make him flee though, and then started to attack Cmdr Old Boar. Cmdr Fremen stopped shooting Cmdr Old Boar when he had 9% hull. Cmdr Blatant then returned and killed Cmdr Fremen.

The efforts of the Na'Ama Wing to join us have been noted and appreciated. Unfortunately, due to technical problems outside their control & responsability in combination with the above mentioned space weather, they were unable to reach us. We communicated through the event, and we hope to fly together soon.

Thanks to all who participated in the event or in the preparation of it: Cmdr Blatant, Cmdr Fremen, Cmdr Musashi, Cmdr Xizor, Cmdr Darius Torkalar & Cmdr Malcolm Washburne and everybody who participated in the different forum discussions (where we got very valuable input).

 (( On "space weather", "flux" & technical problems: The event was fun, but also frustrating.
Goodbye, Beta 2: you will be remembered as the most beautiful bag of bugs I have ever seen. ))
Pictures of the event have been posted at the Forum.

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