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The "Winged Cobra Tribe" [WiCoT - pronounced as "Wi-koh-tee"] is a roleplaying PvP nomadic spacefaring tribe.


We welcome mature role players as members of the tribe. We have a Mumble server for team chat.


We take gaming seriously, however we do understand that other things may have priority over playing Elite: Dangerous. We have a slogan to express that: "Real Life First." Our players decide themselves how much or how little they can or want to play.


While we are hostile to the Empire, pirates and slave traders in-character, we fully appreciate the players behind them, as they make the game more interesting. If you consider us a foe, feel free to attack us - or to invite us for scheduled fighting events.


We are friendly or neutral to all others. We are no griefers: if you don't want to participate to PvP, just tell us.


Ambassadors of friendly or hostile groups/organizations/guilds/tribes/fleets are kindly invited to contact us.


Interested to join us? You can apply here.


When we meet in-game, we would appreciate it very much if you communicate to us in-character as a spaceship commander - you will probably enjoy it.

We of course cannot enforce this, just know that we will be roleplaying the encounter at our side.

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