Saturday, March 17, 3304


Winged Cobra Tribe is proud to announce it is among the founders of
The Komodo Collective
of Elite: Dangerous player groups

The Komodo Collective is an association of smaller player groups in order to share their resources, to present more choices to their members, and to stand up as a union to the public.

The Komodo Collective is not an alliance, some of its member organizations are hostile towards each other.

We have a shared Mumble voice chat server with dedicated channels for our member orgs:
Address: (Edit: removed)
Port: (Edit: removed)

List of Komodo Collective founders:

Na'Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration & Logistics

The Relentless - Villains of the Elite: Dangerous Universe

Galactic Intelligence Agency: Federal Covert Security

Winged Cobra Tribe: spacefaring PvP role playing nomads

Other player groups are kindly invited to contact us if they are interested to join the Komodo Collective.
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