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Tue Sep 30, 3300 4:11 pm

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Feb 5, 1969

Age: 49
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Username: Old Boar
Rank: Chief
Recruited By: Admin
Recruits: 14 Blatant, Hominin, Fremen, Brolt, Alhazred, Tikas, Musashi, Kodiak, Torqatswe Liberté, Manbear, menmaatra, Fear The Amish, Irrefutable Logic, Donnieclark
Last Log In: Sat Mar 17, 3304 3:51 pm
Times Logged In: 607
Last Promotion: Thu Oct 2, 3300 3:10 pm
Last Demotion: Thu Oct 2, 3300 3:02 pm
Days In Clan: 1331
In-Game Information
Commander Name: Old Boar
Description: A tribal chief and space commander, leader of the Winged Cobra Tribe. Born during a hyperspace jump to Riedquat in an Imperial slave transport. Is friendly to everybody, except to his enemies: to them he is merely polite. At war with The Empire & slavers.
Gender: Male
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Personal Information
FDEV Forum Name: Koen
Timezone (UTC): UTC+1 in winter, UTC+2 in summer (Brussels)
Usual playing days & times (UTC): Not Set
Game Statistics
Elite: Dangerous: Combat rating:: Competent
Trade rating:: Elite
Exploration rating:: Elite

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