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Tue Jun 21, 3302 10:11 pm on
Morgor Astronavigator's Inn - RP - Public Forum

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Thu Oct 2, 3300 8:56 am

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Feb 1, 1950

Age: 68
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Username: Inn Keeper
Rank: NPC
Recruited By: Admin
Recruits: 0
Last Log In: Tue Jun 21, 3302 9:35 pm
Times Logged In: 32
Last Promotion: Thu Oct 2, 3300 3:14 pm
Last Demotion: Thu Oct 2, 3300 3:26 pm
Days In Clan: 1299
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Description: Euphrasie Skydiver is the Inn Keeper of the Morgor Astronavigator's Inn on Romanek's Folly.
Gender: Female
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Timezone (UTC): UTC+0
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