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The Elders are the leaders of the tribe. They gather in a council which both leads and judges the Wicotees. They have been selected for their wisdom, sence of justice and leadership merits to the tribe.

The Chief is selected among the Elders of the tribe. He presides the Elder Council and leads the tribe in-between Council meetings within the policy lines set by the council.

War Chief
The War chief is a rotating role among Elders and Tribals. He or she leads the tribe during conflicts and in strategical & tactical situations.

The Champion is the Wicotee who has done the most epic thing in the recent past of the tribe. When it rotates, the former Champion keeps the champion's medal for each period he or she was the reigning Champion. The Elders decide on who gets the Champion title, and can change the title when they seem fit.

Tribals are full members of the tribe.

Honorary Member
Honorary Members are outsiders who have accepted the honor bestowed upon them by the Tribe.

Wyrmlings are new members of the tribe. They go through a process of initiations and trials to become full tribe members.

Foreign Diplomats
Ambassadors are diplomats representing other tribes, groups or organizations.

Friendly, neutral and hostile Ambassadors are equally welcome.

Guests are outsiders who have a relation to the tribe or who enjoy the hospitality of the tribe.

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