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posted by: Old Boar - Tue Oct 14, 3300 9:33 pm
First Wicotee Squad
Public News
We are recruiting the legendary "3300s": the first generation of spaceship commanders of the First Squad.

We need a Squad Leader, Group Captains and Spaceship Commanders.

The Squad Leader needs a clear command style and tactical insight - to be learned on the job! The Squad Leader can appoint Group Captains among the Commanders and assign squad responsibilities to them.

The Commanders choose the ship in which they fly themselves.

First Mission of the Wing is a special mission, not related to the war: retrieving The Eye of the Cobra on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 Oct 3300.
Old Boar
Rank: Founder
Date Joined: Thu Oct 2, 3300 5:49 am
Last Promotion: Never
Last Demotion: Never
Torqatswe Liberté
Rank: Commander
Date Joined: Mon Dec 29, 3300 9:29 pm
Last Promotion: Never
Last Demotion: Never
About the Squad:
The First Wicotee Squad fights in the war against the Empire. It uses Guerrilla tactics, penetrating from neutral, Federation or Alliance space. It is also used for special assignments outside the war.

Squad Founder:
Old Boar

Date Founded:
Thu Oct 2, 3300 5:49 am

Recruiting: Open

Total Members: 2

Apply to this Squad

Old Boar:
Commanders who are flying together are encouraged to start their own
squads. Give it a more poetic or funny or awesome name than "Second
Squad" please! Squad Leaders can choose their own command structures.

Commanders can be member of as many squads as they want at any given time.
Squads are not directly related to in-game wings, but they will use one or
more wings when the game enables those.

Specific Squads which may be started if commanders are interested:

- Pirate hunters
- War with The Empire (Such as WiCoT First Squad)
- Transport Fleets
- Mining Fleets
- Explorer Fleets - to go out on the Frontier, for the Searchers among us.

Respect our Rules of Engagement.

Thu Dec 18, 3300 10:01 pm

1. Founder
2. Squad Leader
3. Group Captain
4. Commander
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